Do You Bring an Assistant?

“Do you bring an assistant on the big day?” Heck yes I do! It’s simple – you can’t coordinate a wedding by yourself. How can one person be lighting candles, while gathering family for photos and making sure you have your favorite drink in your hand? I mean yes, I’ve done it before for tiny little intimate weddings (like 30 people or less), but for the average wedding (100 people or more), you just need an extra body to help. After-all, closing myself isn’t an option as of now!

Every wedding I coordinate and plan includes one assistant. If I ever feel like the team of two needs to grow to ensure your big day goes off without a hitch, I will add on assistants as needed. This usually applies to large weddings, DIY weddings or weddings with two separate venues or larger properties.

If your rental company does not set up your tables, chairs and other rental items, I will for sure have to bring in extra hands. I will discuss all of the details before contract signing (if possible), but for sure you will know the plan once we have your final meeting about a month prior to the big day.

There is an additional charge of $300 per assistant in the event we need to add on extra hands. Again, you will know this charge before the wedding. In fact, as soon as I determine that it might be necessary to ensure a successful event, I let you know! I definitely am always up front and honest when it comes to any additional charges that may incur.

All of my assistants are very detailed oriented just like me. I trust them 100% and you will too!

If you have any questions, please contact me!

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Do You Bring an Assistant?

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