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One of the perks we give to our clients is offering them free wedding decor to use at their weddings! Check it all out in this post.

A Complete List of our Free, Simple Wedding Decor Items that Make an Impact

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What is a vendor meal? Do you require them? Let’s talk about this subject…sometimes it can be a touchy one. Lots of time and effort goes in to making sure your big day is perfect. Your vendor team spends countless hours meeting with you, emailing and calling you, creating timelines, downloading music, making playlists and […]

What is a Vendor Meal?

what is a vendor meal?

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What are your payment options when it comes to working with us, you ask? Well, we make it easy as pie! Once you electronically sign your contract, you will submit your retainer. That retainer can be paid in the form of check, money order, cash, credit card or bank transfer. If you go the credit […]

How Can I Pay You?

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“Do you bring an assistant on the big day?” Heck yes I do! It’s simple – you can’t coordinate a wedding by yourself. How can one person be lighting candles, while gathering family for photos and making sure you have your favorite drink in your hand? I mean yes, I’ve done it before for tiny […]

Do You Bring an Assistant?

Wedding assistant
Google Reviews for Big Day Celebrations

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In today’s world, reviews are very important for little businesses like us. They help us grow by showing potential customers real, honest, feedback from past customers. Would you be more opt to hire someone with wonderful reviews vs. someone with not so great ones? I think so! It is so important to read reviews from […]

Reviews and Where to Read Them