Immediately after college, I landed an amazing job working for a gorgeous golf resort as their wedding coordinator. I learned so much during those three years and am so incredibly thankful for my time there. I made so many connections and really learned the inner-workings of weddings and events. It was the best first job an event-minded girl could ask for in my opinion.

A few years later, I left the resort to pursue Big Day Celebrations on a full-time basis. It was incredibly scary, but oh-so exciting at the same time. Can I just say, I LOVE being my own boss? Watching my company grow each and every year, meeting amazing couples that become friends and celebrating one of the biggest days in a person's life is so fun and rewarding!

Fast-forward to today and I've planned and coordinated over 450 weddings and close to 2,000 events. I live in the adorable little town of Kalispell, Montana with my hubby, Joe. Big Day Celebrations has exploded too! Most days I think to myself - "Is this real life?" And then I remember it is and I'm living my 6th grade dream. 

Ever since I can remember, I have always loved weddings. I was that girl in the 6th grade eating cereal and watching "Say Yes to the Dress" every morning before school. I always thought it would be so much fun to be a wedding planner, but I never really knew how to make it happen. It's just something you see on TV, right?

During my Junior year of college at the University of Central Florida in Orlando (GO KNIGHTS!) I remember talking to one of my friends who was in school for hospitality and event management. It was at that very moment I knew I had to switch majors (yet again) and fulfill my dreams. Goodbye forensics and hello weddings!

By my Senior year, I had established Big Day Celebrations - shoutout to my Pappy for coming up with the name and surprising me with the domain for Christmas! I started by coordinating weddings for my friends and family to gain some experience and get my feet wet. I had no idea what would happen with Big Day Celebrations, but I was ready for the adventure!


a little bit about

90s & 00s music makes me sing and dance.
I am 100% a cat person.
Disney rocks.
I lived in an RV for almost 8 years.
Pink is my favorite color.
Pretty linens make me smile.
I'm currently learning how to keep house plants alive.
You cannot go wrong with vanilla ice cream.
Cabernet all the way.

Fun Facts

because why not

"Katie is so down to earth and easy to talk to, I felt like she was someone I had known for years!"

- Rebecca & Dave

"Warm, attentive, proactive, upbeat, positive, professional, experienced. The list goes on!"

- Savannah & Tommy

"from our very first conversation, I just felt like Katie was my friend!" 

- Megan & Ryan

"The whole wedding was completely perfect— better than I could ever have imagined!"

- Emily & Lance



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