How Many Weddings Do You Do Per Year?

How many weddings do you coordinate and plan per year? This is a question we get quite often when lovely couples like you inquire. While we do not have a definite answer, we can give you an average and that number is 30!

Weddings are very seasonal and because we love what we do so much, we figured out a way to do them year round! For the months of October-May you will find us in Florida and for July-September you will find us in Montana! We do have some flexibility on these months, so if you are thinking of a Florida wedding in September, please ask as we might be able to make it happen! Same goes for a June wedding in Montana.

During the busiest months in Florida (October, November, March and April) we will typically do 5 weddings per month. During the busiest months in Montana (July and August) we will typically do 5 weddings per month as well.

We typically do one wedding per weekend, but sometimes that changes and we will only book a second wedding if we feel like we can accommodate both while giving our couples the best experiences. For example, a Friday wedding and a Sunday wedding. We are always open to weekday weddings as well. In fact, we love them!

Averaging 30 weddings per year allows us to give our clients the best customer service on the planet! It also allows us to enjoy time together traveling and spending time with our families.

If you have any other questions, please just ask! We are always here and happy to help in any way we can. You can contact us here. 🙂


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How Many Weddings Do You Do Per Year?

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